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— February 3, 2016

No pictures. Using phone. I have till the tenth till I start new on my data. Every byte I go over costs me fifteen dollars. It sucks not having internet. I have eighteen bytes. I never download movies or songs. When they download updates it eats up my bytes. Facebook eats up a lot also. Version is ripping us off . Plus I got a five dollar a month increase for my dish, which has shit on.

— February 1, 2016

I took yesterday off. I am sure glad the Iowa campaigns are over. I keep getting emails to donate money for these politics. We didn’t get a raise on are social security, so they get no money.

I could solve Americans problem with two words. Most people would hate me. “Raise Taxes”. Schools, roads, bridges and needing new water pipes. How do you get that done. “Raise Taxes”.


This was taken at Egypt Valley. It was early evening.     🙆

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— January 27, 2016
— January 26, 2016

I am using my phone by saving giga-bytes. I have fourteen days to go and have used up 75% of my usage. Not having internet costs an arm and a leg. So, no pictures for awhile.
Rain turning to snow.

— January 25, 2016
— January 24, 2016
— January 23, 2016

These are pictures of my Grandfather, your great great grandfather. His name was Clyde postance. He was my moms father and was married to Modesta Postance,nee Dull. He was a superintendent at a steel mill in Cleveland.

After his wife died, he moved in with us. He was a funny and great guy. He used to like his drink. For breakfast he would crack an egg in a glass of beer.

We only received about 3 inches of snow yesterday. It is sunny and cold today.Image

— January 22, 2016

This is a picture of your great grandmother on the left. Modesta Postance and on the right is your great-great grandmother Andes who was Modesta’s mother. My Mom’s mon and grandmother. Taken in 1939 Cleveland Ohio. 

Great-great grandmother Andes lived in Fostoria Ohio and her husband who’s name I can’t remember was a barber. One of there relatives who was a dissent cousin used to date Al Capone. He would come down to Fostoria and visit with her.

We are expecting 3 to 5 inches of snow. It is cold out.Image

— January 21, 2016

After watching the terrorists killing students. Why! They want to keep everyone illiterate. When you tell illiterates a story, say about America, they believe something that they have no clue of.

This is happening in America. We have many drop outs from school. Why! Keep them illiterate and they think people like Trump and Cruz are the new coming. Why are are schools failing? Us home owners are tired of being taxed. Why can’t the government impose a school tax on everyone? Make schools fun instead of making teachers and unions the enemy.

We need some one to redo the whole school systems. Less testing and more learning. Not every one wants to go to collage. Make sure there are technical schools in your district. I try and get my Grand children to register and vote. But, they don’t. My vote don’t count. Yes it does!

They know more about reality tv then watching the news or reading a newspaper. This political fighting is becoming reality tv. I for one have never seen such hate in my country and illiteracy. I am a history reader. I watch news. I read many newspapers on-line. Why! Do most people know that Republican’s want to raise social security to the age of 69. Enough said!

— January 20, 2016