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THE WILDS OF OHIO — October 10, 2017



THE WILDS is one of the largest conservation centers in North America. Located on nearly 10,000 acres, it is home to rare and endangered species from around the world and home to hundreds of indigenous species. The mission of the Wilds is to lead and inspire by connecting people and wildlife.

You travel around the compound by open-air unenclosed safari buses. It takes about two and a-half hours. Each compound is enclosed and the bus driver activates the gate my remote clicker. After passing through the gate, he stops and closes it. The gates are all solar powered.

This is a picture of my wife, brother and grand-daughter.

They also have a zip-line safari. As you travel around the different compounds you see the more adventurist’s zipping form one platform to another.

— October 8, 2017
Freedom — October 5, 2017


I have deleted my face book. I will now be posting on word press. My first story will be about our safari at the Wilds in Ohio.

I hope my face book friends follow me on my blog. Face book has too many security issues. People were following me who I did not know.

Also, I was afraid I would piss off certain friends who have different political views. This country is being divided and so is face book. I will be posting more about this issue in latter posts.img_0960.jpg

— March 10, 2017

I live in Ohio where you never know what tomorrow’s weather will be like. In January I played golf in seventy degree temperatures. Today March tenth I took this photograph.

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— February 16, 2017

I believe are President has a narcissistic personality. Seventy minutes of talking about himself at today’s news conference. Today he also did away with Obama’s coal regulations.

Years of cleaning up the mess left by coal mining. Single stroke of his pen set America back to dirty air, dirty river’s.

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Happy Valentines day — February 14, 2017
— February 13, 2017


I don’t know that much about how a conservative believes. I will try and take a conservative to see, what makes a liberal ( liberal ). Yielding to the dictionary, a conservative is a person who doesn’t want to see change.

Consider about that; they drive a car instead of a horse and buggy. They use cell phones, data processors and any other changes that comes their way. Most conservatives I know have radical Christian views. Women should be considered but not heard.

As a Liberal Democrat we see the universe differently. I may be against abortion, simply it is the women’s rights. We don’t care who you sleep with, we don’t care what your religious belief is. Keep the church and the state forever separate.

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DECISIONS — February 11, 2017


I deactivated my facebook today. I was spending to much time on it. It became too political. Don’t get me wrong, I love to follow politics. But, there was too much false information coming across. I am a proud Liberal.img_1422

CHRISTMAS — December 24, 2016