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APRIL IN OHIO — April 2, 2018
COTTON our CAT — March 31, 2018


This is the road we live on. It is one lane gravel. Many a time I never made it to our driveway. When that happens, you have to back all the way down. It puckers up certain body parts. On one side of the road is a hill and the other side is a drop off.

CHRISTMAS — December 24, 2016
— December 1, 2016

Deer season in Ohio. The weather has been mild and overcast, with a bit of rain.

The leaves are falling,
I hear my name calling.
This winter will be cold,
as I have been told.
Our planet is in distress,
but, all we do is regress.

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— November 25, 2016

It has been a long time since I posted anything on my blog. Have you ever been bored and yet, you aren’t interested in doing anything? That’s me.

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— October 22, 2016
— February 6, 2016

  Due to the slowdown in the oil and coal industry, is hurting business in the area.
   We have a bridge down to one lane account rebar came up through the cement.
     This whole country is going to pot, and not the kind you smoke. OK I will take a toke.
       I’m back. Look what is happening in Michigan.   

— February 3, 2016

No pictures. Using phone. I have till the tenth till I start new on my data. Every byte I go over costs me fifteen dollars. It sucks not having internet. I have eighteen bytes. I never download movies or songs. When they download updates it eats up my bytes. Facebook eats up a lot also. Version is ripping us off . Plus I got a five dollar a month increase for my dish, which has shit on.

— February 1, 2016

I took yesterday off. I am sure glad the Iowa campaigns are over. I keep getting emails to donate money for these politics. We didn’t get a raise on are social security, so they get no money.

I could solve Americans problem with two words. Most people would hate me. “Raise Taxes”. Schools, roads, bridges and needing new water pipes. How do you get that done. “Raise Taxes”.


This was taken at Egypt Valley. It was early evening.     🙆

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