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— March 10, 2017

I live in Ohio where you never know what tomorrow’s weather will be like. In January I played golf in seventy degree temperatures. Today March tenth I took this photograph.

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— February 16, 2017

I believe are President has a narcissistic personality. Seventy minutes of talking about himself at today’s news conference. Today he also did away with Obama’s coal regulations.

Years of cleaning up the mess left by coal mining. Single stroke of his pen set America back to dirty air, dirty river’s.

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Happy Valentines day — February 14, 2017
— February 13, 2017


I don’t know that much about how a conservative believes. I will try and take a conservative to see, what makes a liberal ( liberal ). Yielding to the dictionary, a conservative is a person who doesn’t want to see change.

Consider about that; they drive a car instead of a horse and buggy. They use cell phones, data processors and any other changes that comes their way. Most conservatives I know have radical Christian views. Women should be considered but not heard.

As a Liberal Democrat we see the universe differently. I may be against abortion, simply it is the women’s rights. We don’t care who you sleep with, we don’t care what your religious belief is. Keep the church and the state forever separate.

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DECISIONS — February 11, 2017


I deactivated my facebook today. I was spending to much time on it. It became too political. Don’t get me wrong, I love to follow politics. But, there was too much false information coming across. I am a proud Liberal.img_1422

Piedmont Lake News — May 3, 2011

Piedmont Lake News

I am very proud of our President after getting OBL. But, the Republicans are praising Bush. I have never seen such nonsense in my life. Remember the tea party is a front for the KKK. Listen to Rush or Fox news.

The weather is shitty. Rain, rain and more rain. Cool temperatures also. The grass does not stop growing.
At $4.15 a gallon, It costs ten dollars every time I cut the grass, which is twice a week. The lakes are above their normal levels and the fish don’t bite.

Piedmont Lake News — January 6, 2011

Piedmont Lake News

Snow and cold. Below freezing all week. What a way to start the new Congress, by reading the Constitution. If these people do not know the Constitution, then they are in the wrong place. What a wasted first day. I see in Arizona where a person died waiting for a transplant, because they were on Medicaid. The Governor won’t allow Medicaid recipients to have transplants. Save money and let the poor die!

It is going to happen in other states as well. Help the rich! Screw the poor! Wait till they cut food stamps, welfare and other intitlments.The Republicans want big government out of people’s lives. Then why are they so adamant on abortions and who I can sleep with.Hypocrites. Wake up people. Ask yourself, what has President Obama done to affect your lives. But, we want are country back. How much money did the Bush administration cost this country. What did Cheney and the energy people talk about? hat all the missing money that went missing in Iraq?

Did the Democrats start investigations when they took power. No. But they should have.

Piedmont Lake News —

Piedmont Lake News

Another sunny and cold day. The lake is frozen again, as there are fishermen out on the ice. Hauled trees out of the woods for firewood. Anything to save a buck. If only the rich new what us middle class people have to do to survive. But lets cut there taxes.

New Congress today. Lets see what they can do to shut down the government. lets repeal the health care bill. Don’t worry about jobs as they promised. Are new governor is being sworn in and he won’t let the media in. Sounds like another Christie from New Jersey. This man is very arrogant.

Piedmont Lake News — January 4, 2011

Piedmont Lake News

Sunny and cold. Very quite in are area. Lets hope it stays that way. First of the month and we spend all are money. It’s great not getting a raise in are social security. This is the second year. I notice the rich get richer. Also, I see where certain states with newly elected Governors, who happen to be Republican, want to break the unions. But, don’t cut the pay of the CEO’s. Blame the unions who have taken pay cut after pay cut. The Railroad I worked for, took ten years to get are first raise. I’m not saying unions are good, but with out them, where would regulations fit in to their agenda.

How many Republicans wouldn’t be here if not for the unions. With out unions, the coal miners, railroaders, steel workers and any other dangerous job kept men alive. Maybe it was your Grandfather who was kept alive in the coal mines because of unions.