After watching the terrorists killing students. Why! They want to keep everyone illiterate. When you tell illiterates a story, say about America, they believe something that they have no clue of.

This is happening in America. We have many drop outs from school. Why! Keep them illiterate and they think people like Trump and Cruz are the new coming. Why are are schools failing? Us home owners are tired of being taxed. Why can’t the government impose a school tax on everyone? Make schools fun instead of making teachers and unions the enemy.

We need some one to redo the whole school systems. Less testing and more learning. Not every one wants to go to collage. Make sure there are technical schools in your district. I try and get my Grand children to register and vote. But, they don’t. My vote don’t count. Yes it does!

They know more about reality tv then watching the news or reading a newspaper. This political fighting is becoming reality tv. I for one have never seen such hate in my country and illiteracy. I am a history reader. I watch news. I read many newspapers on-line. Why! Do most people know that Republican’s want to raise social security to the age of 69. Enough said!