Here it is the 26 of December. I had a birthday on the 24th, then Christmas. I had one of the best birthdays and Christmas in quite some time. Great food and family. Are great grandchildren are the greatest.

Are trip. Pulling a camper was not to Betty’ s liking. She had a cigarette in each hand. Are car looked like the movie “up in smoke”. She took two valium, two shots of Vodka, and had a stress out every ten minutes. Other than that, she had a wonderful time.

We stopped for gas every two hours. Are car has a v8 hemi 16 spark plugs. Great on gas. LOL.

Yesterday there was a tornado north of us. We had rain and wind, but it was warm. It is chilly this morning here in Louisiana. They have winter storm warnings in Piedmont.

I hope all my friends who follow my blog, had a great holiday. We sure had.