The weather has warmed up to being hot. No rain. It has rained twice in the last 22 days. I think. I have been golfing lately and getting back in the groove after a two-year layoff.  We hear the drill pounding in the pipes. It’s money to my ears. Everyone who is against this drilling don’t have any acreage. People are so jealous of someone making a dollar and hour more than them, it frightens one, that there so many illiterate people out in our society.

No wonder Fox and Limaugh can speak their language. Some one goes to college for four years and is making something of himself and this jerk who quit school in the tenth grade and is making eight dollars an hour is jealous of the person striving to better themselves. We have people in are area that are third generation welfare. But, they are jealous of people working. And they do all the complaining about Obama. Most of it is racialist. But yet, if the Republicans take over, it is all over for these people on account Republicans hate giving money to people. Especially to welfare people. I blame the person in charge of these welfare offices and personal, being if I worked there and the same family has been on the dole for ten years,”What”. Come on now.