Haven’t written in awhile. It has been very hot and no rain. Last rain ten days ago. Celabrated with the wife, as it was her birthday. The other day I went golfing. It is the first time in two years, account of my knee, but I figured I would try and it worked out well. No pain, and after five holes I remembered how the game was to be played.

Are roads are so dusty and they put no dust control down. It took me three hours to clean the inside and outside of the car. Haven’t done any fishing, but will try next week. Being, this is Memorial Day weekend coming up, to many people will be out. Also it is supposed to be ninety five Sunday. Last year we attended the Memorial service at the Hopedale Legion. That is when abate, “biker group”, parades to the memorial wall with the names of fallen bikers. There is a bagpiper leading the way, with the bikes following. It is quite moving.