Just got done spending four hours cutting grass. Do I love it “NO”.Get me to the beach. I spent all day yesterday fixing the screen door so the cat can’t get out. I need a vacation! Haven’t got-ton out on the boat as I have to much to do around here.

As I mentioned about the Amish moving in are area. These are your poor Amish. They have there buggy’s up on blocks, as do are locals with there cars. They need them for parts, they say, and they sit there for years. In one section of Piedmont, there are seven homes that are falling down. This is on the main drag. It is absolutly un-called for in this day and age. It looks worse then tobacco road. Now there was a good movie. I will post some pictures when I find them.

In the derby, bet on Rousing Sermon. My good friend from Akron has a friend who is entering that horse. My buddy and I almost bought a horse from him years ago. May be we would be millionaires by now if we did. “Hows it going Big Al?”.