Here it is, Monday. Yahoo! Saturday and Sunday was rainy and cold. So much for taking the boat out. Today it is very windy and cool. I had breakfast with fellow railroader’s. It is nice to get together and B=S. I have been retired ten years. I don’t miss the hours we put in, but I miss the camaraderie. Most everyone was a nice person to work with.

For person’s who are not familiar with Piedmont, we are in the bonnies. No pizza delivery, and no high speed Internet. We still use crank-up phones. It is very peaceful. No noise. No pollution. Right now the leaves are on the trees. The Azalea bushes are in bloom,which are covered with the hue’s, of red’s and whites. We also have a log cabin in the woods, where we can watch the sunset. Some nights it’s breathtaking. We live on top of a hill. During the winter we can see Piedmont Lake due to the lack of leaves. We are fortunate to be able to live this life style of peace and serenity.


And always remember,”a wet bird never flys at night”.