This was are Molly. We had to put her down after sixteen years. One of the hardest things to do. It really hurt.

We have been having torrential rains. It is raining now. The temperature’s have been very mild this winter. Last year at this time, they were ice fishing on Piedmont Lake. All we have seen this year is green grass.


Another Republican debate last night, and another embarrassment to the true Republican’s. When one thinks of “conservative”, one thinks of family values. Then, you look at Newt. The so called conserative’s love him. Duh!

Ask yourself, what has President Obama done to change my lifestyle? Is it his color that Christian’s dislike. Aren’t Christians supposed to be loving people? Family values thinkers. Help the poor. If it was up to the Radical Christian’s, women would be wearing veils, and have Christian police patrols arresting people for not going to church. It’s not the church I dislike, it’s the person behind the pulpit. Most church’s have become “cults”. My God is my conscience. It tells me right from wrong. If one has no conscience, one has no God.