I have been very, very lazy. I will try again to do what that, I wish I was more astute at. English was not one of my favorite subjects in school. So please, excuse my writing style.

I am going to talk about, Politics. These will be my thoughts. I am Liberal, Christian and do not wear them on my sleeve. When will America come back together? All I see or read is hate. A Congressmen from Arkansas, arrived home with his four kids and found on their doorstep, their pet cat. It’s head was bashed in and on its body was written “LIBERAL”. This is my America also, and why do Conservative’s want me to live like them! I don’t ask them to follow my beliefs. Please, all you Conservative’s, live your life as you please. Don’t preach to me about abortion, gay issues or who I should pray to!

We have enough problems in America without this nasty rhetoric. Jobs, healthcare, national security and on and on. When I retired at age sixty, I had no healthcare. For me and my wife, are health insurance cost us “SIXTY THOUSAND DOLLARS” over a five-year period. Obama-care is what I and many other retires wish we had when we retired. Everyone who has a job knows, that when they get on the health program, they send you a list of Doctors and hospitals they recommend. Where is the difference in Obama-care? We all have car insurance. Why do us taxpayers have to pay for free healthcare to people in need? I don’t expect them to pay much, but pay something.

Will talk more tomorrow.