I went into a lazy period. Trying to get back on track. We had more snow. about four inches and cold. Today it is supposed to warm up and we have flood warnings. Another storm tomorrow and Friday. Yesterday, some of my friends went to Columbus to protest are Governor who hates unions. It seems as though the voters who put the tea party in charge are getting what they asked for. Screw the middle class and help the rich. The Koch brothers have a lot of input in breaking the unions. I believe it is time for unions and management to sit down like adults and start from scratch. Many union rules are out dated. Also, more negotiating with management over how much the CEOs and management make.I believe we as union members can be fair. Lets see how fair they can be. If not shut the country down. Unite and stand together. Send a message to the tea party. Wake up America.

Butch, have a safe trip.