We were lucky as all we had was rain last night. Canton was hit the worst as they declared an emergency. It was forty degrees at eight this morning and with-in and hour the temperature dropped ten degrees. Now it is cold and snowy. It is very windy. The wind blew a tree over on are road blocking traffic, even though we have no traffic. My buddy and I cut it up and dragged it off the road. It also took down the telephone pole. Yes, we do have telephones in are area.

I see where in Cairo, they are still in the streets. It looks mostly like young educated people. Maybe they are tired of being ruled by the same person for thirty years. Maybe they are tired of radical Islam. Just like most Americans are tired of these Republicans trying to invoke their idiology on to the American people. Keep religion out of politics. I’m Christian, but don’t tell me what I can or can not do to my body, or who I choose to sleep with. These radical Christians are one step away from being like the Taliban.