We had a little snow last night. Cold again. Tuesday we are supposed to have freezing rain. Can’t wait! We are beginning to get a large Amish community in are area. My boy is over in Korea and he says it is frigid.

It is an embarrassment to our country having some of these tea party politicians spewing there vile. They want the country to go in debt, by not raising the debt ceiling. I hope they do. That way all the old farts who support the tea party will be looking for there first of the month checks and they won’t be there. Then what? They may wake up, and realize that Fox News are a group of liars.

Rush Limbaugh is the most vile man on radio. Why the advertisers give him money to spew hate is beyond me. Wake up you companies who support this kind  of hate. Also, stop giving Fox money. They couldn’t tell the truth if it killed them.