Snow and cold. Below freezing all week. What a way to start the new Congress, by reading the Constitution. If these people do not know the Constitution, then they are in the wrong place. What a wasted first day. I see in Arizona where a person died waiting for a transplant, because they were on Medicaid. The Governor won’t allow Medicaid recipients to have transplants. Save money and let the poor die!

It is going to happen in other states as well. Help the rich! Screw the poor! Wait till they cut food stamps, welfare and other intitlments.The Republicans want big government out of people’s lives. Then why are they so adamant on abortions and who I can sleep with.Hypocrites. Wake up people. Ask yourself, what has President Obama done to affect your lives. But, we want are country back. How much money did the Bush administration cost this country. What did Cheney and the energy people talk about? hat all the missing money that went missing in Iraq?

Did the Democrats start investigations when they took power. No. But they should have.