It was sunny and cold today. I have a cousin who lives near international Falls Minnesota and the temperature was 30 below zero. That is too cold for me.

I see where the congressman from California who will be leading the investigations has called our President corrupt. He has been charged with stealing three automobiles. He was never convicted, but he claims this administration is corrupt.

How can a minority person or a person on welfare vote Republican. Answer.  Not enough education. Why do conservatives keep religion in politics? I am tired of being told who I can pray to, sleep with, read, because they don’t like things most Americans do. This is going to be a very decisive year for the Republicans. The tea party candidates want to shut the government down. Maybe this will be a wake-up call for all the people who voted for the tea party nuts. These old people will not be getting their Social Security checks, will have to stop payments to the military, and a number of people will be laid off.