I haven’t down loaded the pictures of the lake freezing over. Tomorrow I will. Car in the shop again. Front wheel bearing. Put new brake pads on with the help of a friend. The wheel bearing, I leave that up to professionals. In the market for a another car or truck. Maybe a truck so we can pull and RV. We are ready to travel. We still have a few years in us before we sit and play Pogo all day.

Talked with my beautiful Grand Daughter. Her one fault is, she takes after me. Which I love. Free spirited, adventurous, living day for day. Brings back memories. I haven’t seen her in a couple of years. With the RV, maybe sometime this year.

Nothing new in Piedmont. No deer were killed on the property this year. You see deer every where but here. We did get away this weekend. Took Christmas presents to are three Grand kids in Akron. Had a good time. I am glad we made it home, with a bad wheel bearing.