Here is one of are finer houses. We have more. It is bitter cold. We had ice and snow. Cleveland is getting hit hard. Better them than us.

We are approaching the Holiday Season. Isn’t this the time of year for family, and why are so many families fighting. I know of many families where the children haven’t talked to their parents in years. And I find that most of it is over something stupid. If a person does not hear it from the” horse’s mouth”, than how much truth is there. What is accomplished by this type of behavior? Sooner or later your parents are dead. I guess that is why most people have no Holiday Joy.

A lot of family traditions are broken when the grandparents, or parents die. Most families are spread all over the country. One has to go where the jobs are. But, that leaves a hole, in the hearts of ones who can’t get together, or not wanting to be a part of the family. Life is too short.

My new great grand son is named Oliver. What a great name.