Light snow and cold. Monday it is supposed to get frigid. The oil leases are the talk of the area. All over the county, they are buying up leases. Let us hope it becomes reality. Is everyone getting ready for Xmas? My friends are leaving for the sun and warmth of Florida. I hope it warms up in Florida. Last year was a cold year for them also.

We have been doing Texas and sometimes Panama City Beach Florida. It gets cool, but there are not many people. Walk around in shorts and sweater. Where we go in Texas, it is called the Big Thicket. Swampy and very overgrown. I took hikes in the Big Thicket and it is interesting. How the Pioneers with stood the hardships is beyond me. Also we are close to the Gulf. Forty minute drive to the beach and an hour to Galveston. The hurricanes did much damage to the Bolivar Peninsula. A lot of rebuilding to do.

Panama City Beach is the place. The water is Aqua in color, and the sand is like snow, it is so white. They rebuilt their fishing piers. We haven’t been there since they rebuilt them. We may do PCB this year.