It is very cold here. In the teens. relatives from across the states tell me it is cold in La. Ga. and Texas. In Minn. it was nineteen below zero. The deer numbers are in. Tuscarawas county which is are northern county was first in the state with 5,513 deer killed. Are county, Harrison was second with 3,721 killed. State wide it was 104,442 killed. There are still lots of deer out there.

Lots of snow by Lake Erie. They call it lake effect snow. This cold is supposed to stay with us over this week, then, more snow. I e-mailed all my Christmas cards. That is why the Postal service is going broke.

Yesterday was December 7th. I was the day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Thanks to are brave men and women, we prevailed.Please, no more wars. Lets get out of the Middle East.