Today was a day to feel alive. Crisp clean air. Most people were putting up there Christmas displays, or cutting fire wood for the winter. The temperature was in the sixty’s. The farmers in our area are all counting on these drilling leases. People were told that they will get two thousand and acre. Plus, a fifteen percent on the profits. Some people will be instant millionaires. Good for them!

Abdul, who owns the mini-mart ate his goat for his religious holiday. These locals are freaked. Most of them have no idea what goes on in a big city. When you can only listen to one AM radio station, that is far right, unless you get Sirius. Right now the mines are busy, but that can change overnight. Some of these miners were off work from the mines, up to fifteen years.

The closest big town is an hours drive. Steubenville, is a big steel town, but all the mills are idle. Most of the people laid off, are off compensation. These political tea party groups , who think only of the rich, should see how people try to survive! The Republicans want to privatize most Government Agency’s. Like the TSA. Fire all those workers and then hire them back at a private company owned by a government friend. Now, they got you.

Lets cut your pay ten dollars an hour. No medical. Take the job or starve. Who’s getting rich! Most workers are making less money then they did fifteen years ago. Do me a favor. Call a health insurance company and ask–I want a quote for a family plan. “Sit Down” cause you will s*** your pants. A lot of people are doing it, and I was one of them. We are so happy to be on Medicare.

Oh wait! That is a socialistic plan.