The snow has melted and the temperature is in the sixties. A group of families had Halloween festivities on Scott Hill road. There were hay-rides taken through the one families tree farm. A haunted barn, food and games. There was a great turnout for the first time it has been done. Very nice for the kids.

For you people who have no idea where Piedmont Ohio is. It is in the Southeastern part of the State. Our county seat is Cadiz. It is in Harrison County. Population around sixteen thousand people. There are a few farms, mostly sheep. The terrain is mostly hilly. We have surrounding lakes-Clendening-Salt Fork-Leesville-Tappan. Our lake is famous for Muskie’s. The state record of fifty-five pounds was taken from Piedmont Lake.

The adjoining town of  Morefield, is famous for the raid from Morgan’s Raiders during the Civil War. There is a lot of history in are area. Most people work the coal mines. Other than that, there is little else. We have no direct high-way system. No Motels. Most people have no high-speed internet service.

We have deer, turkey’s, coyote’s, fox and other wildlife walking through our properties. Very peaceful, but quite isolated. The nearest Mall is thirty-five miles away. We are only an hour and a-half drive from Akron.

Y’all come visit.