It’s been busy around here. I haven’t had time to write. The leaves are just about peaking in color, so, come down are way and view the color’s. Rent a boat at Piedmont Marina, have an ice cream at Clay’s, get your gas and beer at Piedmont Mini Mart. We had a bad accident in Moorfield, where a car with three men hit a horse standing in the middle of route 22. The horse had to be put down, and one of the men had to be life flighted. No word on their injuries.

Some of are dilapidated houses are soon to be torn down. We have eight houses that are eyesores. When you only have about two dozen homes in town, it make’s the town look bad. A lot of land owners are hoping on Marcelus Mining to come through with there lease promises. The old Vale Mine in Freeport is supposed to start up very soon. Oxford mining is in charge.

Remember to VOTE.