Today is our ex-daughter-in-laws birthday. Yesterday we took her and Courtney,our granddaughter, to Wheeling Downs Casino. Had the seafood buffet, which was so-so. Gambled. Broke even. Had a grand old-time. The hunting cabin Tom is building, should be finished by hunting season. It’s a log cabin. From which we cut the trees from Tom’s property. For a group of non-carpenters, the people helping have done a great job. Fall is in the air. Tree’s are turning into a cornucopia  of colors. Red, yellow, crimson. The way in which the light reflect’s off the leaves is like a “hallmark moment”. Fishing at the lake has been so-so. The saugeye’s are starting to hit. Ohio State won!

Editorial; Lets all get out and vote. As an Independent, I feel the Republicans are far to right. We need to work with each other or we will never get anything done for us, the taxpayers.