Tom Barton, Betty Zechman’s son, came home for a visit after headlining a Mini Cooper Rally. It was another hot day in the Valley. So far , this summer has produced multiple day’s in the nintey’s and high humidity. There don’t seem to be much boat traffic on Piedmont Lake. Is it due to the economy?

Route 22 was closed for two weeks, for a bridge removal. It is now open. Are two businesses on route 22 are seeing a increase in business since the road reopened. State route 22 has had an increase in truck traffic, since Wal-Mart opened a distributing warehouse in Wintersville.

Piedmont has become a town of dilapidated houses. It takes away the beauty of those resident’s house’s that take care of there property. This has been an eye-sore for more then ten years and nothing seems to get accomplished! Property value’s have lowered because of this blight.

There was a bill passed that Zach Space, are Congressman in Washington has worked on to get Broadband to are area. Hopefully within a year we should be hooked up.